There are different types of gardens, so first you need to decide if you are going to plant a vegetable, flower or herb garden. We're going to teach you how to start a flower garden.

Gardening can be lots of fun. You don’t need much land; a small area in your yard or a flowerpot will work just fine. With a little bit of TLC, you and your family will be enjoying beautiful flowers before you know it!


  1. Choose seed packets for the types of flowers you want to grow. Then pick the spot for your garden that has the best light or shade depending on the instructions on the packet.

  2. Clear the area by loosening the dirt, pulling out the weeds and digging a hole. Make sure you check with your parents before you start digging!

  3. Place a seedling in each hole. Fill the hole with soil and water the seeds thoroughly. It‘s very important to keep new plants moist, so be sure to check on them daily in the beginning.

  4. Sit back and watch your garden grow!

  • Seed packet
  • Trowel or small shovel
  • Flowerpot or sunny patch in your yard
  • Watering can with water
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